Who was afraid of Breitbart?

Andrew Breitbart was not exactly liked by certain members of the establishment. The Podesta brothers in particular, after this tweet by Breitbart speaking a truth that would soon be discovered after the Podesta emails were leaked: Less than a year later, Breitbart was dead. On the day of his death a certain ‘journalist’ celebrated: That’s […]

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FIGHT the Censorship

In March 2018, Q made predictions about the corporate censorship push prior to the US mid-term elections. In August 2018, Alex Jones was ‘summarily banned‘ from Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, YouTube and Apple. A clear message was conveyed in the quote often used when MSM reported on it. Summarily ~ without the customary formalities Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, […]

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The MSM QAnon Show

Welcome to the show. The Washington Post is leading the unhinged Media Establishment attack on the QAnon story. In just a few days over a dozen anti-QAnon articles have been published by the Washington Post alone, each getting more manic and deranged as the desperation becomes all the more obvious. And more will follow. It’s […]

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