Watch the Water?

Q has asked anons to dig on Ghislaine Maxwell, friend and alleged ‘child recruiter’ for convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein and his elite friends. Her ‘non-profit’ organisation The Terramar Project has just been pulled (13th July 2019) (archived site here) with the Twitter account suddenly being set to protected. Does her Terramar Project have some shady […]

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Epstein Connections to Coney Island

Recently human remains have been washing up at Coney Island‘s beaches, which is north of Epstein’s Little Saint James’ Island where alleged abuse and murders have taken place. Residents report that “weird dead animals” are often found on these beaches too. Coney Island is where convicted pedophile Jefferey Epstein grew up, and how he turned […]

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Antarctica Disclosure

Over the last few years several disclosures around Antarctica have dripped out. Alien skulls, pyramids, domes and a staircase to name but a few. Q post 2566 titled ‘The World Is Watching‘ has pointed Anons to Antarctica again, and some speculate this means further disclosures are imminent. Alien Skulls Pyramid on Antarctica Alien ship on […]

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FIGHT the Censorship

In March 2018, Q made predictions about the corporate censorship push prior to the US mid-term elections. In August 2018, Alex Jones was ‘summarily banned‘ from Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, YouTube and Apple. A clear message was conveyed in the quote often used when MSM reported on it. Summarily ~ without the customary formalities Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, […]

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The MSM QAnon Show

Welcome to the show. The Washington Post is leading the unhinged Media Establishment attack on the QAnon story. In just a few days over a dozen anti-QAnon articles have been published by the Washington Post alone, each getting more manic and deranged as the desperation becomes all the more obvious. And more will follow. It’s […]

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Hack apart the Clinton Hack: Part 1

Lets hack apart the alleged Russian hack attack on Clinton shall we? You know the hack that everyone is upset about because it stopped her being President, not because it exposed her as an incompetent, dangerously irresponsible member of government. The MSM are telling us that the Russian’s did it. So that must be true […]

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