Who was afraid of Breitbart?

Andrew Breitbart was not exactly liked by certain members of the establishment. The Podesta brothers in particular, after this tweet by Breitbart speaking a truth that would soon be discovered after the Podesta emails were leaked: Less than a year later, Breitbart was dead. On the day of his death a certain ‘journalist’ celebrated: That’s […]

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FIGHT the Censorship

In March 2018, Q made predictions about the corporate censorship push prior to the US mid-term elections. In August 2018, Alex Jones was ‘summarily banned‘ from Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, YouTube and Apple. A clear message was conveyed in the quote often used when MSM reported on it. Summarily ~ without the customary formalities Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, […]

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The MSM QAnon Show

Welcome to the show. The Washington Post is leading the unhinged Media Establishment attack on the QAnon story. In just a few days over a dozen anti-QAnon articles have been published by the Washington Post alone, each getting more manic and deranged as the desperation becomes all the more obvious. And more will follow. It’s […]

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The Forgotten Care Crisis 

While we all know that austerity goals have saw massive cuts to services such as the NHS, the police and education there is one section of society largely forgotten – the people receiving local-authority funded social care. These people don’t receive care through private, profit-making companies but through non-profit-making state-funded organisations where the funds come […]

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Guess the Guilty Government 

There is a Government in the Western world currently guilty of the most abhorrent breaches in human rights. Many thousands are being denied basic essentials like food, shelter and money to survive. Men, women, children, people who are seriously ill, people who are disabled. The Government in question is targeting them all. The UN has […]

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Foreign Secretary Promotes Foreign Relations by Insulting Foreigners 

The role of Foreign Secretary has evolved. Racism is now acceptable. Keeping Britons safe abroad, irrelevant. Boris Johnson is rewriting the role in his own xenophobic and ignorant style.  Here’s a handy summary ~ Caroline Lucas, co-leader of the Green party rightly points out that these are not bumbling gaffes sympathetically reported by some media outlets. Either the […]

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